DJ Jazzy Jeff on Ableton Live

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a legendary DJ and producer with countless hits and even signature scratch styles to his name. Jeff’s skills and knowledge have earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s…
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Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Ableton Live Deconstruction)

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  1. chris mendes says:

    i didn’t know ya exept for fresh prince show back then but now u got my
    respect as producer

  2. Writers BLOC says:

    so one of the greatest DJ’s alive can’t get at least a 720p???

  3. Shea O'Neill says:

    does anyone know what that flute sample is at the begining?

  4. Darin Cates says:

    GREAT … now I gotta buy Ableton.

  5. Brett L says:

    where’s fresh prince? lol

  6. Deep Textures says:

    Roland Model ?? Anyone ?

  7. Matt Brown says:


  8. Miles Frode says:


  9. Tom Mix says:

    Cool man Jazzy!

  10. Raul Mejia says:

    Who the fuck is the guy behind him?

  11. grimkreaper says:

    RIP Uncle Phil

  12. Billy Kubina Jr says:

    shout out to the Nag Champa at 0:20

  13. BaldRenaissanceMan says:

    What is that James Brown beat?!

  14. Glen Compton says:

    Love the enthusiasm!
    But seriously… You play the drums on the keys with padkontrol and a set
    of pad on the keyboard itself? troll much?!
    But yeah Jazzy Jeff is awesome!

  15. rob zen says:

    this beat at 1:39 which also plays in the background after, what is it
    called i neeeeed it?

  16. DJ Equipment - says:

    DJ Jazzy Jeff on Ableton Live DJ Jazzy Jeff on Ableton Live

  17. checkabreak says:

    Sounds like a beat made on a keyboard or computer LOL lifeless and weak.
    Long live analog kid.

  18. Music For The Soul says:

    yup tell em bro

  19. fakshen1973 says:

    The power of Ableton isn’t apparent until you REALLY dig into it. You have
    to set up some of your own templates, build some custom effects and
    instruments… really f some s up. If you just want to record yourself
    using some presets and call it a day, it’s an overkill.

  20. n says:

    uncle phil fucks with pro tools

  21. Werner Zimmermann says:

    why is it that whenever I use quantization it screws up my whole pattern I
    was trying to record. I tried changing the settings but nothing really
    helped. How come in this video it records those quick 16th notes perfectly

  22. MrCESARCOM says:

    Hey Point Blank… Please can you tell me which (synth) sound you used for
    the outro ? Please if you reply I will be happy 

  23. Justin Chitiyo says:

    Dear Point Blank ….plz tel me what vst(pad sound) did u use 4 the
    intro…love warm feel…..plz reply

  24. joshybumboshy says:

    your fingers are superbly nimble

  25. Borders Of The Sun says:

    PB! Whats that bass Ski is using in this vid?

  26. Alejandro198597 says:

    Who can I get a tutorial. for Ableton in this way !????????? I want to know
    use the ableton with midi controllers

  27. Tjeed Yoon says:

    Hi guys, I just discoverd your channel. I would like to start on electronic
    music production what synthetizer or keyboard do you recomend me? 

  28. phnk says:

    Fun homework! See what I did there?

  29. Giul Hanch says:

    I will never see this song the same way again. Anyhow, fine job good sir.

  30. Submersed24 says:

    Omg how do you learn to play piano so naturally like that?? This gives me a
    reason to learn to play piano instead of just using piano roll after I
    figure out a melody. 

  31. Amara Amine says:

    good job man

  32. Paolo Bonda says:
  33. Thomas Robson says:

    please can u show us a deconstruction of St.Germain – Rose Rouge .. thanks

  34. muellermilch kokos says:

    Its simple. C major is all white notes. C minor is a C, D#,F,F#,G#,A#,B.
    Also you should ear what’s in key when you want to make music…

  35. Shawn Bosse says:

    i live in austin tx and this song is played everywhere so i’m pretty burnt
    out on it even though I love Daft and their work. Anyway I have a question
    about the song that keeps bringing me back to it. Do you have suggestions
    for how they get that tube/compressed/saturated sound at 2:30 in the song?
    it starts really bumping there and I’m trying to do that to one of my

  36. Dan TheMan says:

    made me smile. love watching this. its an epic track which will be played
    at Discos for the next 50-100 years from now…

  37. HDaniel99 says:

    the baseline is b2,b3, d3, d4, e3, f hastag3, f hastag4, f3, e4, f hastag4,
    a4, a hastag3???? im lost

  38. Ronan Murphy says:

    Quality stuff. Would love to know what bass and synth presets were you
    using on this track. Really nailed the daft punk sound with them.

  39. YellKyoru2 says:


  40. Paulo Ziliotto says:


  41. Jeffrey Wong says:

    cause you can… it’s more difficult that you think.

  42. William Robinson says:

    Check out my remix of Disclosure x MNEK – White Noise watch?v=neI4pi3QHFI

  43. pulcek9 says:

    Thank you, i will think about subscribing to your lessons

  44. DjChrisChip says:


  45. George SIchinava says:

    @Point Blank Music School Please can you tell me where did you get those
    sounds? is bass from ableton?