Distal (Embassy / Tectonic / Surefire) @ Dubspot! Wireless Interview w/ Raz Mesinai

Distal (Embassy / Tectonic / Surefire) @ Dubspot! Wireless Interview w/ Raz Mesinai

In this episode of Dubspot’s Wireless video interview series, Raz Mesinai speaks with Embassy Recordings co-founder, and Tectonic recording artist Distal. Distal (a.k.a. Michael Rathburn)…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

More info: http://bit.ly/115yDmS In this new video tutorial, Dubspot instructor Josh Bess goes under the hood of his live performance setup and shows you how to control visual lighting with…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. rootbeermcgee says:

    that last part about loving what you do really resonated with me

  2. Niccolo Patricio says:

    fly gangsta

  3. MrTooCold™ Music says:

    Trapstep is da best!

  4. littleconnie1 says:

    i love dubspot

  5. Dubspot says:

    Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for tuning in!

  6. Vincent Vega says:

    Nice!!! I just turned the big 40 this year, I started in the early 90’s
    rave scene and he is right about the human effect. Ive been slap dab in the
    middle of a huge Beyond party and Diesel Boy bumped the needle, stopped the
    record, yelled, the crowd reacted, and then the whole place just blew the
    fuck up!!!! I miss those days man!!!!

  7. Dubspot says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

  8. sargdesigns says:

    Distal is dope. Thanks for sharing this guys.

  9. Luiz Eduardo says:

    Distal is the coolest, great interview guys!

  10. TeadsTV says:

    Great great interview!

  11. Voltapix says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Can I program a lightshow for when I play a song in
    user 1 mode, the lights would go to the launchpad AND the DMX? 

  12. alex champy says:

    i was searching a way to triger some light with ableton, i find the DMXis
    and USB to DMX trick, but only with automation clip, but don’t we have a
    way to interact from à wav ou mp3 ?

    for example, if a channel have some sound, the light come up, brighter when
    the music on this channel is louder ?
    ( maybe even change the color if it’s lower or highter ? )

    i have think of the Peak contoller vst (on flstudio) who let you link
    anything ( any button) and act like a controler ( when the sound is louder,
    it act like if you push a button up)

    Thank for the video, witch help a lot :)

  13. The Big Time says:

    Are you running that with a solid state hard drive? & do you need the dmxis
    interface for the dmxis software or can you use any USB interface with the
    dmxis software?

  14. Keith Chia says:

    Are there any interfaces similar to this? Or any other AU/VSTs that are
    similar to this but can work on any interface? It’s really restrictive that
    there only seems to be 1 option. 

  15. Julia Hill says:

    Available at Amazon

  16. Owenthesheppard says:

    this just answered so many of my unanswered questions. hats off to you

  17. jolieuke says:

    WOW! Thanks! Great tutorial, clear, simple and very useful !

  18. LindemanIsSexy says:

    Hello! I have a question for you. Is it possible to “crossfade” between two
    lightshows and can you decide if you want to start the lightshow a bit
    later in the pattern?

    Me and the guys are thinking about adding this to our live setup but we
    dont use Ableton for the actual performance (were going to use MIDI Clock
    and all that nice stuff). We would like to just send away a simple message
    to our light engineer so he can just trigger one of the patterns (we will
    pattern entire tracks) at a certain point in the track. Is this possible to

  19. Justin Wetz says:

    I’m trying to draw in everything in Session view and then make it into a
    Midi Note that I can put in Arrangement view, but it won’t let me select
    the alternate lines that everything is drawn in. Any guesses on what I’m
    doing wrong?

  20. Xoe Wise says:

    Thanks for this- great video.

    I looked around for more equipment specs but couldnt find them. My question
    is about how to make the lights setup compatible with shows venue to venue.
    Are you always plugging into your Colorstrip? Do you ever use venue
    lighting provided? In that case do you adjust accordingly? Im new to this!


  21. jonnyweston says:

    Thats very cool – I am actually a dealer for Avolites (google equip
    audiovisual) – and for most applications I have been pushing the Titan One,
    as its probably the most comprehensive option out there for the money – but
    it lacks any sort of external control option such as this.

    For the lighting that I would be selling to solo entertainers with backup
    lighting etc etc – this is incredible.

    I now just have to determine an easy way of triggering the songs in an

    I would typically say using something like the APC40, but its a bit to
    specific for solo entertainers playing to backing tracks – so actually
    something like a little MPD18 or MPD24 with the scene trigger buttons
    assigned to each pad on the MPD.

    Or maybe even a little Novation Launch Pad setup might be nice.
    This is VERY cool guys – thanks for the efforts to create this tutorial!


  22. elliott0 says:

    i see a dmx out on your light bar can you run out of that to your next
    light and control each one individually from one vst or do you need one
    converter box and a separate vst running to control each light 

  23. Leo Casagrande says:

    Great! Congrats!

  24. Louis Jules says:

    What’s the model of your LED bar you’re using?
    Cheers for the tutorial

  25. Cheche Romo Peredo says:

    is there a way I can run this with an other usb to DMX device?