Deep House/Detroit Techno Bass In SERUM

Deep House/Detroit Techno Bass In SERUM

Just want to show how easy and flexible is to use this synth Probably the best vst synth i’ve ever seen, quick and easy FM Bass so popular today in deep house specially un the UK (Dusky Huxkley,Sh…
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Serum Activation - Steve Duda & Deadmau5 in VST City

Animation Trailer special for Xferrecords «Serum Activation – Steve Duda & Deadmau5 in VST City»
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Wayne Kerr says:

    This would also take about 2 seconds in operator/FM8 its a pretty easy

  2. OM13ultra says:

    Good to point where to find basic shapes wavetable.. Like it ! My next buy
    definitly… ;-)

  3. deadmau5 says:

    hahah this is golden

  4. Terroriser says:

    why would someone dislike this? you can clearly see a lot of work went into
    it, despite it reminding me of Eiffel 65 – Blue music video it was cool.
    Good job!

  5. Lectro Dub says:

    Haha, what in the world, this is amazing.

  6. The Wakz says:

    Not sure if this is supposed to be funny, but it is. Good job either way!

  7. Stefan Maziejewski says:

    Great! Build with Element 3D from VideoCopilot?

  8. CraftLlamas says:

    *Getting shot at while being chased by fighter jets*

    Joel: Yeah it’s funny ’cause I thought the guy was named Loo.

  9. Johnny Lopez says:


  10. jan trykar says:

    hahah this is golden

  11. Infected Mushroom says:

    yeah this is very good and the plugin also really good never used any vst
    like that great work mou5 & Duda….

  12. MrKain134 says:

    If Steve is tired with his fans he call always make this the intro every
    time you open Serum and make it non skippable … haha. 

  13. Kat Facesmally says:

    This is so amazing x’D lol can’t stop laughing 

  14. DerBrotagonist says:

    Oh wow, It’s available in germany. Not for long I bet

  15. André-Marcel Julius says:


  16. XaviorZ says:

    this is rad dude, nice one !

  17. F3tto says:

    wow man blown the f away 

  18. Kurt Kurtsen says:

    you spent way too much time on this lol

  19. birdscool says:


    i bet absolutely nothing will happen on march 21st

  20. Brandon zimmerman says:

    wow one of the best videos and seen the future advancement in flying cars
    and modern cities and terrorism lol i loove you deadmau5 in Canada

  21. John hernandez says:

    best graphics ever! 11/10

  22. kimau5Official says:

    Hahah this is golden

  23. Marko Drexler says:

    that’s awesome!

  24. Carlos Nonajulca says:

    Xfer Serum XD

  25. HeyCambo says:

    I’m 12 and what is this