Day 2 Live | Crufts 2015

Day 2 Live | Crufts 2015

All the action from the Main Arena at Crufts 2015 live throughout the day … including Agility, Flyball, Heelwork to Music and the judging of the Working and Pastoral Groups. Breed Judging…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hozier covers Ariana Grande’s Problem in the Live Lounge for Fearne Cotton and BBC Radio 1.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Aaron Ryder says:

    How come there was no jack russells at crufts been there all day and been
    round the dog clubs but no jack russell???????

  2. Kim Barton says:

    There is a Working Group video which is not available in the UK showing our
    breed the Great Swiss Mountain Dog doing a lap of honour and we cannot view
    it. PLEASE make it available in the UK for us all to view it.

  3. biggest dance moms maddie and mkenzie fan says:

    Soo proud of my best friend Keira marrs with BO the miniature
    dachound/chiwowa and Debbie her mum with Millie so glad they got to preform
    on crufts 2015! And they really deserved it! Xx

  4. Sharon Rimmer says:

    Well done Pam and Merlin in the Heelwork 🙂 xxx

  5. Box of Frogs says:

    Great commentary on both Groups and some lovely dogs.

  6. thelittlest jayde says:

    It isn’t working at all on phones tablets and pc -_- 

  7. Magdalena Eriksson says:

    Where is Heelwork competition videon? 

  8. Marzena Laska says:

    Oglądamy na żywo!!

  9. I'llCryTillTheEnd says:


  10. Yasmine Ayari says:

    He just turned this song into a fucking masterpiece

  11. clarisse mcclellan says:

    thank you mr. hozier for making such a good version of this shitty song

  12. izonker says:

    Could somebody Please, just for once, put up a song performed by Hozier
    where he doesn’t actually make the original artist look like a fumbling
    amateur? I am seriously starting to think that he just might be Super-Human
    or something,,, 😛 I wasn’t more than passively tolerant of the original
    version – as in I won’t automatically change the channel on the radio when
    it comes on, but I don’t go seeking it out to hear either- But this version
    manages to improve on the original by giving it a little more bluesy, lusty
    feel over the breathy teeny-bopper sound of the original.

  13. TimesWithTyler says:

    If I grow a man bun will I be able to sing like him?

  14. Marcy Bee says:

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t a ‘cover’. This is taking a mediocre pop song and
    turning it into a fucking masterpiece.

  15. Sarah Fernandes says:

    One word: Fucking Amazing!!!

  16. bryce atu says:

    I love you Ariana, but DAMN!! This is amazing! It’s like a mix with
    Ariana’s Problem with a dash of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep 

  17. TheAndrelopez123 says:

    How come this view has 301+ views 99 likes 1 dislike when theres only 7
    people in the world?

  18. Abi Abraham says:

    Ariana should take a few tips

  19. Voodoo Melon says:

    The Hozier flag wavers are out in force tonight! *wave wave* “Hozier just
    sang Happy Birthday and has transformed it into a masterpiece!” *wave wave*
    “I know, everything he touches turns to gold! Have you heard his rendition
    of Ring a Ring o’ Roses, it’s devine!” *wave wave*. “Oh it can’t be a patch
    on his take on the Intel tune, he really puts his stamp on it!” *wave wave*

  20. myrexdaileg says:

    not a fan of Ariana Grande, BUT people need to STOP saying that problem is
    a shitty song. hahaha. it’s just fucking stupid. it’s actually a well
    composed song, it’s rich in melody. you can hear the proof in Hozier’s
    cover, he didn’t deviate so much from the original melody of the song. I am
    big fan of Hozier’s music and i don’t think he chose to cover Problem
    because it’s a shitty song.

  21. Ricku13 says:

    OMFG THE REGULATE PART!!!111!111!11!!!! 

  22. piplupfan32 says:

    I absolutely love this but nothing can top the original <3

  23. jeb tweebance says:

    Why not cover a good song though?

  24. Amari Maisonet says:

    This just turned that annoying song and its possibly even more annoying
    singer into a masterpiece song. Ariana has a great voice but she doesn’t
    need to prove that by singing a whole song in the highest range ever. It’s
    so annoying it makes me want to stab something.

  25. Gabriela Gallardo says:

    Awesome he managed to mix in some warren g regulators :] 

  26. mrinalini says:

    Hopefully, Dan and Phil do an interview with him while at BBC Radio1 in the
    future!! 😉 

  27. Revolver Ocelot says:

    You guys do know you can compliment Hozier without insulting Ariana?

  28. sm:)ey says:

    When I share his songs on Facebook :
    My Friends: After all this time?
    Me: Always

    Seriously, how can someone be so perfect :3

  29. Vividseats says:

    We’ve got just what you need this Friday! Our Vivid Shuffle is Hozier’s
    unique cover of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”. Happy listening!

    #hozier #arianagrande #coversong