Create a Spooky Halloween Drone Synth in Ableton Live – Sound Design – With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to show you some Ableton sound design techn…



  1. Morrigan MacPhàidein says:

    That sounded beautiful!

  2. Brainbox says:

    Nice halloween Ableton Theme 😉

  3. bizzwoofer says:

    This is very cool – and not exclusively for halloween purposes either!

  4. mobin11 says:


  5. Point Blank Music School says:

    @andybez25 the skins are from Aurex

  6. DJChuko1100 says:

    I am really confused since i looked at the week 3 of this course and its
    showing the skrillex talking bass instead…???

  7. andybez25 says:

    what skin is that hes using?

  8. Azolieo says:

    Yeh cant wait to do this course in Jan, did the Abelton production course,
    was effin amazing =D saving up for this now

  9. plasma force says:

    coool sounds