Claude VonStroke at Point Blank Online School

Claude VonStroke at Point Blank Online School – In this video the don of bass heavy tech-house, Claude VonStroke, talks about his experien…
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Quick Scope PSG-1 Point Blank Online ======= forget my old video: , just watch this one.. this is the “proper” Qui…



  1. Kris Davis says:


  2. Rocky Gestautas says:

    Thanks! will contact this email soon 🙂

  3. bama VOX says:

    The FunkPhenomenon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Point Blank Music School says:

    Well, in Claude’s own words; “Compared to some other generic online
    training I was doing for Reason 5 the Point Blank DVR and webpage method
    was WAY better because we were talking about dance music the whole time and
    learning things we would actually use.”

  5. Deepit Kujur says:

    wat track plays in the club

  6. Rocky Gestautas says:

    Thank you for your answer. i’m planning to take a course in music
    production (not online). But i cant decide yet where to apply. I see two
    options: Point Blank in London or Dubspot in New York..

  7. Tom Jones says:

    Never too cool for school…awesome.

  8. Rocky Gestautas says:

    why not dubspot school in new york?

  9. uhwaykin says:

    If you don’t know who Claude VonStroke is, look him the fuck up. One of the
    biggest DJs working today.

  10. Point Blank Music School says:

    Cool. We have students from all over the world studying with us here at the
    college in London. You should get in touch with one of our course advisors
    who will be able to guide you through the options:
    advice(at)pointblankonline(dot)net Look forward to hearing from you!

  11. Gustavo Gonçalves says:

    This music renember me Need for Speed most wanted

  12. Khalid Afdfil says:

    gREAT , What is the model of Your mouse ?

  13. Duaital says:

    PSG-1 in 7 ammo is buy by cash not by point

  14. Felipe Almeida says:

    How do you do Quick Scope??

  15. sugarzun says:

    ไปเล่นอยู่อินโดเหมือนเก่งกะบอทอะ ปัญญาอ่อนชิปหาย มาไทยก้เดี้ยงหมดแหละ
    กระจอก ^^ คนอินโดมันคงอ่านไม่ออกสินะ 555)

  16. MultiMatheuselucas says:

    Cara tu é retardado,se isso for Hack então eu tbm to de hack seu noob
    baitola vai digitando merda ae e nem sabe o q escreve,deve ser q você é o
    maior nubão do jogo pq n saber o q é quick scope ´´e burrice demais!

  17. wakakakakaka100 says:

    waw,i had to learn

  18. FreddyZinger says:

    fucking aim bot

  19. reza wawa says:

    @Arielzm9196 there are so many pro player in Indonesia, PSG or Dragunov
    quick scope wont impressed Indonesian player at all….we do quick scope
    with SSG 69 (awp kayu)

  20. DemoncardRavemaster says:

    what do you use for recording? please name the program

  21. Rodrigo Almeida says:

    funny thing that when i start the video i was listening to hand of blood

  22. MrDemonHorror says:

    @Arielzm9196 Indonesia Player Sucks

  23. ThrasheRCORE FPSgame says:

    Kloh bleh tau,, Pke macro eah?? nyris piso ny gk kliatan pAS QQ… ??

  24. Fatalispb says:

    very good

  25. Kyonika says:

    ร็อคคคคคคคค !!

  26. hellburova says:

    its twice scoping dude… see 0:25 it maybe looks like one scoping due to
    the fact that he always switch weapon after shootin’ thats why it called
    quick scope-ing… CMIIW

  27. nXGanja says:

    PRO. gg kk 😀

  28. Fachri Muhammad says:


  29. R4pidSh0t says:

    @sillua1 well , PB is Copying COD and MW2 , if there isnt MW2 model 1887
    and Glock 18 will not be in here…..

  30. ihsannz says:

    orang mana mih ..

  31. TheScoutingSniper says:

    @tanksterfromhell2k8 it says even so in the title 🙂

  32. PBTouhou FAILER YEANER says:

    @ifindzandba คนอินโด ดูตรง ข้อมูลภารกิจให้ดี

  33. José Olívio says:

    I Rush a lot more with my l11

  34. TheScoutingSniper says:

    @tanksterfromhell2k8 it’s a pro indonesian dude quickscoping scrubs