Chops & Stabs | DJ Shiftee’s Salsa SOS @ Dubspot | ‘Mild’

Dubspot DJ School – Learn how to scratch . . . SALSA STYLE! DJ Shiftee, DubSpot Instructor & 2009 DMC World Champ/2007 DMC World Battle Champ, has released a series of free comprehensive …
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  1. NYMNIT says:

    Wtf? I came here to learn to make Salsa but now I’m a DJ. No wonder the
    guys name is “Shiftee”

  2. Evan Templeton says:

    @DubSpot Love all the vids, is it possible to list the best order for a new
    dj to attack these vids?

  3. ruslanio says:

    Shiftee Salsa School of Salsa, AHAHHAHAHA

  4. K.H. says:

    Sooo… do you eat all that salsa or what?

  5. killahbeez11 says:

    nice tutorial man! what vinyl is that ‘funky’ sample on? i’ve been lookin
    everywhere for it ! peace

  6. ozycar says:

    @YeahItsSpinnin Anything a bit more affordable to begin with, or do you
    think i’d be better off splashing out and going straight for the top end?

  7. Dubspot says:

    @colbertvp thanks! Let us know what type of other tutorials would you like
    to see?

  8. Eddy Ramos says:


  9. FCKN GAMM says:

    wheres your dominant hand at? in the crossfader or the vinyl?

  10. ShermGaming12321 says:

    Dancing? Never again!

  11. jake elliott says:

    anyone notice the salsa can kept shaking?

  12. George Wisegarver says:

    never. again.

  13. ADI FOG says:

    Where can i get these chips? lol

  14. ThatDrewFitz says:

    Watch it with Transcribe Audio on. Best part is at 4:00

  15. Dubspot says:

    @SONICcapturesYOU just for convenience, it’s not for any audio reason. It
    doesn’t effect performance.

  16. educaralegal says:

    best salsa is coentro, here in Brazil is too much, is a delight, one of the
    best spices that exists eheheehehe

  17. nargoon1 says:

    He double dipped!!!

  18. dériou says:

    ehehehehehe… nice!

  19. ironmac wade says:

    don t forget about salsa guys :]

  20. rtadd says:

    Tasty delicious haha

  21. DJKoollord says:

    Wow that’s hard.

  22. Nick Nack says:

    @deejayshiftee Thanks for using my record! Preciate the love 😉

  23. damien oliveira says:

    Dj Shiftee you are a very good professor , and you are very very good in
    scratch ! this is natural for you ! You gives me the smile during your
    videos .I added to you in my favorit ! Continuous we want more ! thanks for
    your job man ! Thanks.You are a very good motivation.

  24. InMiddletown says:

    These videos are awesome and hilarious. I really want to get a turntable
    one day.

  25. LGdubstep says:

    are you alergic to salsa er something? why won’t you just eat it