Chopping vocals like the pros! Skrillex / Feed Me style – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday

Join the ARTFX FORUM now! at Check it out guys, the fifth tutorial in the “Tutorial Tuesdays” video series. This week it’s…
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  1. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    +Andre Halle Did you seriously need to think about that for over a month?

  2. Gillian Nguyen says:

    Where’s the tutorial video that lays down the basics of building a track in
    ableton? I’m trying to learn!

  3. Barış Karaer says:

    i dont know how i can save my projects so i can work on them later on any
    tips or advice ?

  4. Tag4rce7 says:

    Hello ! Just one question : How to find the key of a vocal sample if it’s
    not on the file title ?

    Thanks :)

  5. DarkMatterLP1 says:

    Sounds like porn :D

  6. Konrad Liepins says:

    +ARTFX STUDIOS – Tutorials on music production with Ableton Live! thanks
    for the vid, whenever I transpose a sample it seems to slow down or speed
    up the tempo depending if I transpose it lower or higher, is there a
    certain button on ableton or something that keeps it at the same tempo?

  7. RyanCovey says:

    The minute long intro is kinda unnecessary…

  8. blutoblutarsky71 says:

    Thanks for the video, but the music is really bad and the skills you show
    are not really happening. Plus I don’t really like you answering to every
    criticism speaking about the number of views, like that’s all you care
    about. After the “Skrillex-style” vocal chopping shown here, I’m not gonna
    waste other time with more tutorials from this channel. 

  9. Midstr8 says:

    You talk like a computer… 

  10. Beacause i'mWorthit. says:


  11. Michael Schellenberg says:

    woah artfx smokes cigarettes in the intro hardcore

  12. mambaplays says:

    HAHAHA it says sex and drugs and alcohol i cannot wait to do them all 

  13. TechGrenade says:

    Anyone know a place to find some free decent acapellas? Preferably ones
    that indicate their BPM and key?