Bass Design 4: Neuro Bass – Massive Patch

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Tyler Brooks says:

    Awesome, helped me a lot

  2. onikore says:

    hi man can u leave a nmsv of this tuto? i have problem with the part when u
    work on full inv and wavetable position i no have changes after apply them
    :(it seems like the sound stay like before i’m used the ull inv and
    wavetable position.

  3. Matt Stubblefield says:

    If you haven’t fixed the erratic mouse behavior in ableton 8 yet…

  4. ohohlikeyeahnstuff says:

    Hai thar !

    I am following this tutorial but I am using Cubase 7, I followed it
    perfectly up until you added the glue compressor, what would you recommend
    as a substitute? (I’ll wait for a reply before continuing lol)

    Very good job of explaining why you are doing the things you are doing, I
    can’t wait to get this finished and get creative 🙂

    Thanks !

  5. Adam Possiel says:

    This is amazing, man! Your videos have no equal!

  6. Rab Revere says:

    QUESTION: where is your accent from wtf haha

  7. K100 says:

    Whenever I have restart via gate on and move the pan position a little to
    the left the sound always stays completely in mono and I never understood
    why. I’ve talked to a handful of producers about this and we still can’t
    figure it out. Its like when you did it in the video it made absolutely no
    difference to the spread of the bass from mono to stereo it still stayed in
    mono. Any thoughts?

  8. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    So excited for this one! How to make a Neurohop bass patch in Massive. Next
    video I continue on this one by adding more effects and adding automation!

  9. Chaotix McKay says:

    These vidoes are perfect man, I always was curious about the whole process
    after making the patch. Like different methods of variation on the bass
    patch. Make more tutorials like this!

  10. Evan Metz says:

    you’re amazing, I’ve known Native Massive for a couple years now, and i
    learned hundreds of new shit from this video. thanks a bunch! SUBBED

  11. Sebastian Linnemann says:

    Dude thanks i love the sound, also appreciate that you explained some of
    the parameters. 

  12. Hurricain Media says:

    The best part of this video is the transcript that YouTube provides. Every
    time you play the midi clip, the transcript says something like “Foreign”
    or “be the mall gonna said the mix to hear”

  13. Sancus EDM says:

    That is one dirty sound. I’ve created something similar in harmor, but it
    didnt sound as “dirty” at all. These videos are like crack to me.

  14. Sebastian Linnemann says:

    Dude thanks i love the sound, also appreciate that you explained some of
    the parameters. 

  15. Mos1ey says:

    Sorry for the stupid question, I literally moved to Ableton yesterday… 😀

    When I split off the sub I had to create a completely new track because I
    had to remove some notes from my bassline that were too high and sounded
    dumb. How can I send this track through the same effect chain as my
    original bass so that I can modulate them together without having to do
    everything twice?

  16. DnB Soldier says:

    Awesome tutorial. I just got Massive recently and was totally lost, it’s
    layout is so different than any other synth that I’ve used. It’s making a
    lot more sense now. You really are a master of that plug-in. Your sound
    design knowledge is deep, and I really appreciate that you’re willing to
    share your secrets. 

  17. Dexterr Morgan says:

    Nice! should have played it with some drums to hear it all :D

  18. MegaSnowman987 says:

    Awesome tutorial and sound as per always!
    I hate asking such a newbie question but how do you work with your
    automation clips so easily? I see you are always selecting an area to
    create an automation that size. What keyboard shortcut are you using? I
    usually switch to pencil mode and have to fiddle with the grid size