Bass design 3: ‘Feed me’ style saw with Spire

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  1. mikepro500 says:

    Wow that synth, is the most vowely that i seen, i love”Oh” basses, sounds
    cool for some acid basses too., i hope that you make some Spire growls and

  2. Modern Maestros says:

    I like this tutorial. i enjoy how you actually explain what your doing.
    very nice tutorial thank you

  3. Benjamin Vincent says:

    what else can I use I dont have the Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer

  4. Ben Dunkley says:

    You can sync the rate of the phaser, just drop the rate and depth to zero
    (as you have) and assign the phaser frequency from one of the LFOs or a
    step sequencer. No need to get Max involved! :)

  5. holon555 says:

    yo, you have a lot of producing talent, is there any other name you produce
    under? you could so big in the producing industry.

  6. Nihil Geist says:

    Cool sound! Hope to hear this in a finished song.

  7. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Today is bass design number 3! How to make a hollow/talking saw bass in the
    style of Feed me.

  8. MrHollabk says:

    Spire is so fucking amazing. Best sounding VA to date!

  9. artenuovoglobal says:

    Cool tutorial and useful infos ARTFX! 🙂
    Just something about the Wide – it doesn’t make any effect in a single
    just when used some of the unison modes. 

  10. Patrick Wulfe says:

    Can you list where you got those max plugins?

  11. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    +NewBlueType If you use triplets then you would have to make everything at
    that point in the track triplets, otherwise it will sound weird.

  12. jojo DUB says:

    Where is the “Au5 Snare” from? It’s amazing! BreakTweaker library?

  13. dipdip8 says:

    Great tutorial.

  14. Ian H says:

    Nice tutorial man. Just a quick question, do you write your drum loops with
    swing from the start or would you usually have a loop like the one you
    started with and then add swing to it? 

  15. Xavier Duarte says:

    Can you please do a sound design on those big sounding saw chords in house
    and stuff

  16. NewBlueType says:

    is using triplets a good idea? I’m afraid that if i have an instrument
    playing 16th notes it will sound off

  17. triplewub says:

    Thank You +ARTFX STUDIOS 

  18. Charles K says:

    Slow that beat down and you have the classic Soul ii Soul tune Keep on

  19. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    Sound Design Request number 3! Let’s make some swinging drums! #sounddesign

  20. Meister Mollas says:

    Great TUT, man!

    I tried it and everything worked as you’ve explained.

    I duplicated the tracks to have a before/after experience, then
    consolidated all tracks and used the “Extract grooves” function. After this
    I have the groove information in the groove pool, so, from now on the
    groove is available for further projects without “note shifting”.

    I guess you know this at all, but may be other users don’t.

    Have a nice day!

  21. TheOfficialPapiyon says:

    I request the kursa “just a glitch” reec bass! :)

  22. Eligo says:


  23. Redza Dzafri says:

    woo go sahil! 😀 that guys awesome