Bass Design 16: Resampling fun with Sampler

Get ‘Massive Bass Murderer Volume 1’ here: ARTFX Ableton Live Racks v1 has lau…
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  1. Cat andbeats says:

    Just checked out the soundcloud. Sick! can you make a vid on how you did
    this in Serum? Like, remake one patch? 

  2. K100 says:

    Preferred the vids without the face cam to be honest bro! 

  3. James R says:

    first section reminds me of Hybris-garbage truck ;)

  4. Furai47 says:

    If it’s any help, contact Sadowick. He build his streaming rig a couple of
    months ago so he’s already done the homework required. And he’s also been
    trying to do some glitchhop on his streams so you know, you can show him
    some stuff. Eye for an eye and you’re both happy.

  5. vectorman the hedgehog says:

    look up virtual audio cable, im pretty sure with that you will be able to
    fix your live stream problem with a lil tech work, if not a aditional usb
    sound card ushually like 10$ now and that software definetly will

  6. sneetric says:

    how can I get all of your past sound design samples?

  7. MetalNekomata says:

    Your videos are always interesting. Glad to see you’re still uploading. 

  8. Zero Music says:

    Hope you’ll keep us updated when your preset pack comes out. I’d love to
    get that grimy sound into my tracks

  9. Nick Hampton says:

    wait where’s the long haired dude

  10. Adrenaline .2 says:

    cool. it would be great to hang out live. happy upgrading!

  11. twosaibackbot says:

    Nice! :D