Bass Design 13: Another neuro bass

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  1. MafiaBeats says:

    damn is that a new skin in ableton? looks cool!

  2. Sean Sullivan says:

    Great sound. Now if you could just upload that rack, that’d be great! Haha

  3. Stefan Steininger says:

    Instead of disabling everything at 17:35 you just could have turned down
    the amp knob and used the bypass function of massive ;)

  4. Charlie Everingham says:

    Q: Was the bass from ‘funky space cadet’ made in massive? And if so, could
    you make a tutorial on it? :)

  5. saran42yu says:

    so does this mean the next tutorial tuesday season is going to be on

  6. jelmer hoffman says:

    Woow, dit is vet Artfx, Ik maak nu Dubstep, de badklaat megalodon dubstep.
    als ik deze neuro/reese er mee combineer zou dat best vet zijn. Als ik het
    afmaak zal ik het je sturen :)

  7. Adrenaline .2 says:

    Thank you