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  1. EsmealiumCraft Gaming says:

    Nice tutorial, it’s hard to find tutorials that focus on actually figuring
    out how to use Massive as opposed to just making a single sound without
    saying how it works or how you can make your own sounds.

  2. Honest Reviews says:

    if you dont have a midi controller how do i play the sound?

  3. Caleb Thaiday says:

    Thx for this tutorial man! Helped a lot! (btw a major chord is pitches 0, 4
    & 7) ;)

  4. futurebestseller84 says:

    How did you integrate massive into fl studio?

  5. Spencer Lee says:

    This was the first good tutorial I have found and I’ve been searching a
    while thanks!!

  6. RGChinie says:

    Not sure if it has already been said, but at about 18 mins where you try to
    make a major chord you forget that the numbers are for semitones. You need
    sth like 0 4 7.
    Thanks for the tutorial, its still nice for beginners.

  7. TheChadls says:

    what are you pushing to activate the sound?

  8. San Sapir says:

    Thank you!

  9. Selasie Hessey says:

    Oh, is that you? flexing with “ultra”. your PC built for that high end
    lifestyle i see. uh oh. lool na bro. real nice tutorial. thank you so much

  10. yummymopey says:

    Very helpful, thanks

  11. ℛeмz says:

    Very informative, thanks. Gonna check your channel for a part 2 if you have

  12. Trakk Savage says:

    Wow, this tutorial was really good! Very in depth and explanatory. I now
    understand this VST more. I can’t wait to start designing sounds. Thank

  13. Lavrov says:

    Part 2 for more advanced?

  14. ebo league says:

    I’m very new to this, and you cleared a few things up for me that I was
    unsure of.


  15. Brian Driskill says:

    A major chord would be 1, 4, and 7 because it’s in semitones, not scale
    degrees. 1, 3, and 5 are the notes in the scale, not how many semitones
    apart they are. 

  16. MACC MEEZE says:

    Awesome, thank you brotha’ at Busy Works Beats. TV

  17. Robert Southgate says:


  18. HI -JACKS says:

    can you plzz make sound design episodes on massive 

  19. Luke Nash says:

    How do you know which wavetables to create for different sounds I.e pads,
    bass, chords etc? Please help

  20. Gnarcotiics Productions says:

    very helpful. appreciate it!

  21. Rickard Malmgren says:

    Great video!

  22. shing02 says:


  23. M BEEZY says:

    great work.