ARTFX – Damn Son! // Forthcoming on Dubstep Rotterdam Records

This track is released under Dubstep Rotterdam Records on the “Dutch Bass EP – Hard Edition” together with tracks from Substar and Acid Regulation! The EP is…

The most complete mastering tutorial ever! - Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2

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  1. Sancus EDM says:

    Dope track man. I see people hating on your use of modern talking, but I
    think if it sounds good in context then who cares. I like it. :)

  2. Leigh Richardson says:

    This is cool!! Love the build ups and second drop!! Damn Son!!

  3. ersin gunay says:

    Artfx How old are you

  4. KaX says:

    which vst do you use for Stereo Imaging?

  5. MrOMGWTFxCorp says:

    That distorted modern talking is just lame.

  6. smilingears1 says:


  7. Zaltnoise says:


  8. goldengallade says:

    When are you going to release officially the funkstep track?

  9. LATRONNIK says:

    nothing against u but this type of music is not my thing ^^ but ur still a
    good producer

  10. Djadzmusic says:

    people hould stop bitching about modern talking, its music listen and
    enjoy… Well done artfx, sounds insane!

  11. ARTFX STUDIOS says:


  12. puck fu says:

    I’m feelin it my dude. You should do a TUTORIAL TUESDAY: DUBSTEP VERSION.
    Damn son

  13. nbaallstar251 says:

    Didnt u already upload this

  14. stomper2009g says:

    i was not expecting that! awesomazing!

  15. puck fu says:

    I could’ve sworn I just heard this on iHeartRadio’s BASS: dubstep and bass
    station… I remembered hearing the pre drop “… Damn son!” If it’s your
    track CONGRATS BRO! If not I guess it’s just the same vocal sample. I still
    love this track and modern talking is sick whether or not you used, its
    about the sonic sculpting and modulation after 😉 Keep doin ya thing bro,
    ya got my support

  16. yeahimgolden says:

    good shit!

  17. Krux Page says:

    Easy on the modern talking! :S

  18. Nelson w says:

    this is amazing and i have no prob with the modern talking like it sounds
    sick for this track so why do people always have to complain about it all
    the time

  19. puck fu says:

    I sware I just heard this on iHeartRadio’s BASS: dubstep & bass station

  20. SpindleOfficial says:

    hahaha me and my bro’s use that “damn son!” phrase quite a bit

  21. Aaron Dumville says:

    great work!

  22. ARTFX STUDIOS says:

    +MrFlyboygully No, simply because there is no use in a template for
    mastering. Every track is different and therefore needs a different
    approach to mastering.

  23. Daan Jordens says:

    +ARTFX STUDIOS for the next tutorial tuesday series, play make trap! Their
    are too few tutorials and trap is so cool.

  24. MetalNekomata says:

    Great timing, man. Making some good progress on a new track right now but
    mastering is definitely my weaker point

  25. Mr Fork says:

    I’m curious about something. Ableton live 9 has the Glue compressor that
    came with suite which I’m assuming you have. Is there a reason you are
    using the vst of the glue versus the ableton live version?

  26. James Alliance says:

    season 3….dude please….trap style….have u done this? hip hop 808’s
    and EDM’s love baby… Please, become a super god amongst men 

  27. Nguyễn Trung Đức says:

    Hi ARTFX, i have 1 question. At 9:40, you said that with the ratio 4:1, for
    every 1db over the threshold we have 4db of gr. Isn’t it that for every 4db
    above we will have 1db of gr? This confused me a bit

  28. Zero Music says:

    Is the patch for the intro synth in the VIP section? It’d be great if i
    could get my hands on that, even if you did a tutorial. Thanks :)

  29. saran42yu says:

    you should do a studio tour

  30. Ariel Santos says:

    Hardstyle!!! I want to see your take on it. Please ARTFX.

  31. ARTFX STUDIOS says:
  32. Николай Григорьев says:

    Add this video at “Tutorial Tuesday Season 2: Glitch Hop” playlist…
    Please… Cuz at first time i lost that…

  33. Ahren FullStop says:

    Dude…don’t stop tutorial Tuesdays, and for season 3 try Drumstep :D

  34. DeephouseM2 says:

    “How to master your music! – Ableton Tutorial Tuesday Season 2:” via @YouTube #ableton #tutorial #teamfollowback