Akai MPC Studio Music Production Controller demonstration by Andy Mac from Akai @ getinthemix.co.uk

http://www.getinthemix.co.uk/new-for-2012/coming-soon/akai-mpc-studio.htm Proudly presenting the Akai MPC Studio Music Production Controller. The Akai MPC Studio provides producers with the…



  1. Adrian Sierra says:

    Anybody recommend a good audio interface for this product? Using it with
    Windows PC but still getting some delay

  2. Ruff Rog says:

    That’s the second time I’ve heard Andy take the piss when making a beat,
    he’s actually pretty good. Akai, give him more money!!!

  3. Get My Home Now losangelesresidence.com/estate says:

    We’ve used akai since day one where it all started for use.. Great video!

  4. Kevy D says:

    i have the maschine, if you’re not getting MKI, get this instead.

  5. Ron Ward says:

    If it were me trying to use Reason sound with an MPC Studio, I would export
    .wav files of the Kong sounds to the MPC and go with that. Leaving your
    Reason open for the other sounds that it is so brilliant at. Kong, as good
    as it can sound, is not intuitive to work with over midi. If you need to
    use Kong only get a Nektar Panorama it has fewer pads but they work out of
    the box. The MPC Studio is cheaper and you probably already have a midi

  6. joe springfield says:

    does the MPC studio controller and software have the old over dub velocity
    replace feature? For example, on a 2 bar loop, in overdub, quantize on, I
    can keep trying hi hat rhythms until I get the right velocity feel I like
    without “stacking” midi notes that sound out of phase? The MPC was the only
    sequencer that would overdub the new velocity while loop recording. Every
    other sequencer (pro tools, logic, roland, yamaha) will just stack notes
    out of phase. Let me know if this MPC still does it.

  7. massusm25 says:

    Gonna get one

  8. GetInTheMix says:

    Hello There , Sorry but I am not entirely sure, the best thing would be to
    go on the Akai forums, as I am sure they will be able to give you a
    definite answer. Hope this helps.

  9. GetInTheMix says:

    Hi there, Thank for your enquiry, I have been advised that this feature
    hasn’t been changed. I hope this helps

  10. RB36FEKE says:

    Has anyone used this controller with logic 9?

  11. Mark De Souza says:

    Thank you very much!

  12. Gabriel Andronic says:

    Is this just a music controller? Or you can also CREATE MUSIC with it????

  13. MTEE says:

    Im thinking about it too either this or the msachine

  14. SleepCatSleep says:

    I want this 🙂

  15. unk_aint_mad says:


  16. TheWrightMusik says:

    hey, you manage to find out how to get MPC Studio working with reason? I’m
    having Trouble with it myself,

  17. GetInTheMix says:

    That’s great!

  18. Mark De Souza says:

    I can’t find any information about the MPC Studio and compatibility with
    Reason. There is one article saying that the MPC software doesn’t have a
    rewire interface, but can the mpc studio control the Kong synth modules in
    Reason 6? Thanks for your help!