Advanced Warfare EXO ZOMBIES – LIVE! – (Call of Duty Zombies DLC)

Hit “LIKE” if you’re watching LIVE! 😀 — NEW Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! ○ SIDESHOW gameplay – ○ DRIFT gameplay …



  1. Ali-A says:

    WOW – This was a TON of fun! You can now watch the stream as a full video,
    hope you ENJOY it! 😀 <3

  2. I Love One Direction says:


  3. Matthew Malcolm says:

    how many times does he say: “im not gunna lie” i think hes lying

  4. xUniversxty says:

    Can you guys check me out? I would really appreciate it. I don’t do
    commentary yet but i will start

  5. Kevin Kedrovsky says:

    So has ANY one else have a problem with opening supply drops? I have opened
    about 10 and they all DISAPPEAR cuz of an error… i play their crap game
    and all i want them to do is LET ME OPEN THE SUPPLY DROPS AND TRY TO GET A

  6. Gera Aesthetic says:

    Did he call a craller a “creaper” or is it just me? Hes been playing to
    much Minecraft BTW my download takes forever

  7. Nairda BOSS says:

    what the name of the song at the beginning when he starts dancing??

  8. Daniel Abreu says:

    what a copy of treyarch zombies…loosers

  9. Diego Martinez says:

    Can somebody please help me out I got the havoc dlc not the season pass and
    when I try to play exo zombies it says a downloadable content package was
    removed or all profiles are signed out also I don’t have the ae4 this is on
    360 by the way. If anybody knows anything please help

  10. Prezi says:

    5 sensitivity is fast?! Am I the only person who plays on 20 sensitivity
    all the time? It sounds bad but I still have 30% accuracy…

  11. Antoine Dijon says:

    Really Ali-a creeper? It’s called a crawler.

  12. Youtube says:

    Haha, you did so much better than Syndicate… That cunt just pleases his
    10 year old viewers by playing minecraft every fucking day…

  13. Nia Geeh says:

    Its Quick Revive not Self Revive (its what he said i know its not called
    that on AW) and its CRAWLERS.. NOT CREEPERS! Please stick to multiplayer

  14. Maurice Friedrich says:

    Hey ali-a, i found the easter egg for outbreak!! 

  15. eros kohen says:

    its crawler ali not creeper…

  16. Scott Campbell says:

    Your gameplay isn’t very clear like it usually is. It kind sucks

  17. 8753da4yeyy says:

    And i still have to wait for next month even though they could just simply
    release this 2 days later for pc and ps4. I guess that’s too much of a
    request for sledgehammer.

  18. Austin McDowell says:

    How long did it take for everyone to download it?

  19. Foxhunter342 says:

    This is shit. Am i only one who plays bo1/2 zombies

  20. Oliver Herbertson says:

    Hey can anyone help me I’ve downloaded havoc but I can’t get zombies or the
    ae4 does anyone no how to fix this