Ableton Push & Native Instruments Maschine – Techno Jam

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Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follow me on Twitch for studio streams:…



  1. vonvlad67 says:

    WHATEVER. I know people wanna dance and party. But I swear to GOD, if
    anyone thinks twiddling knobs is hard to learn, or think it’s anywhere near
    being an “artist”, you’re out of your fucking minds. I spent YEARS locked
    away learning to play an instrument. Not a box of electronic shit, that
    plays at whatever tempo u set, then all the sounds u “twiddle” in, sync up
    w/the tempo, etc.. Don’t ever compare electronic shit like this with
    learning to play an instrument. If u do, you’re really showing your
    ignorance. That’s not to say it doesn’t sound cool, and people love to hang
    out, dance, party..etc.. But it is not, and never will be taken seriously
    by musicians who create on analog instruments. 

  2. fROfRO fROfRO says:

    is much money for that productions. sorry.

  3. Billy Dawkins says:

    you need some more flashing buttons. But seriously, this gear and what you
    do is an example that Mr Angry below is trapped by his own limited black
    and white thinking. Art is an expression of the spirit within manifest
    externally. However we make it happen, or it happens to us is irrelevant,
    and especially or skill and hours practiced. That all helps but in the end
    if a person cannot access the spirit and create it by whatever means it
    wont happen anyway.. Listen, Ive seen the color of music. Ive felt the
    shape of sound. I’ve tasted the flavor of beats., These are not opinions
    they are experiences I was involved in. In light of that any optimism on my
    subjective experiences, or yours is not valid. Go in Peace. Unlike Mr Angry
    vonvlad66 bless him. Oh and fyi the tunes made on the post above are 3 out
    of 10 Bro. Don’t quit your day job quite just yet. And as I said, more nobs
    – just to piss off a muso called vlad. XX Love is the message

  4. Carlos Riojas says:

    that’s progressive house not techno.but good job.

  5. kaibass h says:

    That sucks

  6. Tadas Deimantavičius says:

    you buyed this equipment for 2000$ and you dont know how to play it wtf

  7. tyxno says:

    man, when im in your studio im gonna take some x and chill on the sofa

  8. Victor Stan says:

    At the current state of techno, you could play this for a full hour and no
    one would notice, care or remember :))

  9. kaibass h says:

    Was soll das denn sein… Musik?


  10. Chris Maiolo says:

    Nice vid mate… Ableton and maschine complementing each other, you
    work both daws well

  11. Carl Rowlinson says:

    For the love of all that is holy, set up a cue channel to preview sounds!

  12. zander bellis says:

    hey sadowick nice work building on ur techno jam keep it up 🙂 ignore the
    negative comments making electronic music is like art you cant rush it.
    making electronic music is all about experimenting. make more videos dude

  13. Chris Fern says:

    Why do you use the Maschine and the Push together? I have booth, but since
    I have the Push it’s not necessary to work with the Maschine anymore. I’ve
    also imported all Expansion Packs in Abletons Drum Rack. 

  14. Jan Slivka says:

    katasrofa ;)

  15. Robbie Dames says:

    hey is it normal that waves plugins red light is on???

  16. xhensi says:

    i use cubase , Fl studio and sometimes ableton (i can’t use it as fast as i
    want) but all these tutorials work perfectly!

  17. Filip Despotovic says:

    I think i heard your phone vibration 😀 Respect for making mastering
    tutorial. I know much about mastering but i need to study more and have
    nervers to master a song. What i can say, i’m a lazy guy…:D Peace man! 🙂