Ableton Live Ultimate Course 35 – Freezing, Flattening & Consolidating

Ableton Live Ultimate Course 35 - Freezing, Flattening & Consolidating

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follo…

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follo…
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  1. DJ Crazy Armz says:

    Another major benefit of freezing and flattening, that should be pointed
    out, makes collaborations easier: If you are collaborating with a fellow
    Ableton buddy, freeze any plugin (VSTs, etc) tracks then hit File > Collect
    All and Save. As mentioned, this creates an audio file while maintaining
    the MIDI and effect data. It comes in handy when your collaborator doesn’t
    have a plugin in the chain; they can just flatten the track and work from
    audio. If they do have all of the right plugins, they can simply unfreeze
    the track and have access to the MIDI data. And if you are collaborating
    with someone in another DAW or if you need to send your project stems,
    flattening is a good way to do that.

    It is worth mentioning that, in order to freeze a track, it CANNOT depend
    on another track (such as sidechain compression or vocode, etc). I have a
    mixer template that loads up with every new project and all of my
    sidechaining is done in there. That way each actual track is free of
    sidechaining and thus can be freezed.

  2. Just Jacob says:

    Wow, man–you weren’t kidding when you said you were going to dramatically
    overhaul your Ableton Intro course. While I feel like most people could
    learn this stuff by consulting the manual, it is REALLY helpful to watch
    you navigate around the different devices in real time demonstration.

  3. Ian H says:

    Just getting into psytrance so this video was super helpful. Are you gonna
    be doing any more psytrance tutorials? 

  4. DJ Galactic Portal Kin151 says:

    its the bpm, prog and chillout psy is 130, 140, fullon, 150 twilight dark
    etc 160 dark psytrance and forest 170 hi tech above psycore

  5. Dj Eddie B says:

    awesome stuff dude learned a lot cheers fella ;)

  6. Oli Laban says:

    Pretty good video, although this certainly isn’t full-on psy. This sounds
    more old-skool.

  7. SomethingCool51 says:

    What speaker is he using?

  8. FckU Ffo says:


  9. genelectric psy says:

    Maybe it needs some adjustment to both sounds when playing the melody

  10. Peter Konig says:

    Would be awesome if at the end of these track making vids you would play
    the completed piece from start to finish.

  11. Iso Maha says:

    This would be great as one 44min song.

  12. ajang says:

    nice work dude!
    thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Tech Core says:

    I know I’ve listened to quite a bit of Psytrance before, but I’m trying to
    figure out exactly what makes it psytrance. Is it the repetitiveness?

  14. Rodrigo De La Lanza says:

    i need the vts virus! =(

  15. Amer Badi says:

    whata guy

  16. Gas Dimitriadis says:

    Man awesome tutorial, and nice result… I was looking for something like
    this for a long time.. At least we have something to start experimenting..

  17. Sacha Ulrich says:

    is the kick already included in the software?