Ableton Live Ultimate Course 30 – Warping

Ableton Live Ultimate Course 30 - Warping

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  1. Robert Wong says:

    This video helped so much, thanks! 

  2. SubferDubstep says:

    Thank you so much. I have been producing for over a year now and I never
    noticed the settings you should in the begging for audio clips. I have had
    trouble with this for the longest time and you just gave me the most useful
    tip I have ever gotten. Keep up the awesome videos Sadowick!

  3. tronics666 says:

    Thanks! This whole series of tuts are very useful. You mentioned Melodyne.
    It would be interesting to see warping and pitch correcting of a acapella
    vocal to add to a mix. It’s not as easy as some would think.

  4. ichavv19 says:

    Great video!! Do you think you could do a video on warping vocals?? That
    would be awesome!!

  5. Michael Hatfield says:

    Personally, for warping Techno tracks, I just tend to turn on warp (then
    get rid of ableton warps) and turn on the the metronome and zoom in like he
    does but find the right bpm for the track just by typing in common beats
    (120, 128, 130, 135) and if I get close I’ll just go up or down with the
    number. but if it’s completely wonkey you’ll have to do what he does.

    Warp is really handy for Rock / Acoustic recordings. but you have to go
    through the track beat by beat usually and you can take the track length in
    seconds and multiply it by 10 and that’s how long it will take you to warp
    these kinds of tracks if you’re EXPERIENCED. for me its more like multiply
    by 30-60 lol.

  6. Fish Jackson says:

    This video has changed my life.

  7. klandestino22 says:

    Any Bitwig Videos On The Way’?