Ableton Live Tutorial – Warping Acapellas w/ Thavius Beck

Check out our Ableton Live Program: In this Ableton Live warping Tutorial, Ableton Certified Dubspot LA Instructor Thavius Beck demonst…
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  1. Jon Lee says:

    Seriously? This dude’s never heard of Ellie goulding? She’s pretty popular.

  2. Farhan Jiwani says:

    This is almost exactly how I do this now after you helped me back in Level
    5 of the Ableton course with my hardcore track that used Chicago vocals :)

  3. Electribe Isle says:

    Funny too watch cause i knew the BPM was 120.
    I felt like watching kids seeking for easter eggs that i’ve hidden :)

  4. Luther Kang says:

    lmao i had to check the date on the video when he said he aint heard of
    her. mr beck you are trippin. good video though its all good

  5. Tony Bublitz says:

    Sweet. Another tip, especially if you are working with acapellas that are
    not already from a synced source (classic rock for example). Turn the grid
    off and warp to the sound of the metronome. This also has the effect that
    your version of the acapella will be “unique” and not just an exact
    rhythmic copy of the original tune. 

  6. xLiZzArDx17 says:

    could i get a link of that website ?

  7. Beatz N Blendz says:

    Genius We Need A Dubspot Baltimore

  8. David Ha says:

    This really helped me out. Awesome, now my sets should have a bit more

  9. RyNea Soul says:

    Yes…he’s a great instructor. There are many ways to do things and he does
    a awesome job showing that in his tuts

  10. rickrukkus says:

    Ellie Goulding?, never heard of him

  11. Soze313 says:

    kinda odd he’s only JUST now finding out about her

  12. Mally Mal says:

    great video thanks been looking for a good and simple tutorial for this!

  13. Eduardo Rocha says:

    Great video! I do think that it could of been condensed a small bit tho

  14. Dijutol Mabry says:

    Great vid. But seriously… You have never heard of Ellie Goulding?
    Like…. Do you live under a rock? Haha jk but seriously she is like super

  15. Sonic Bloom says:

    Ableton Live Tutorial – Warping Acapellas w/ Thavius Beck #Ableton #video

  16. Bill7Godet says:

    Hello Thavius Beck, I have been trying to find out how to enlarge/highlight
    parts of Abletons Tutorials like you did in minute 250 – 3.50 that can be
    done with anypart of anytutorial when editing….would appreciate this very
    much for your information….dino, cologne..germany…thanks

  17. Nick Ruiz says:

    whats the track in the background in the beginning?

  18. oopalonga says:

    Ok so i tried this out, and I’m confused. Every time you move a gray
    transient warp marker, the ENTIRE audio moves, not just that section. So
    when you moved the second gray warp marker, your previous positioning of
    the track from the first gray warp marker changes. . .and this happens
    every time you move a gray warp marker. . .so what’s the point? You are
    just undoing changes you made.

    anyone else following me? i mean why not just start at the very end of the
    track and just move one gray transient?

  19. abstrCtbeatz says:

    +Thavius Beck Good tutorial. The whole approach was inspiring..

  20. VARGAS Official says:

    Wow! I am so glad that +Dubspot made this video!!! I am definitely going to
    use this technique!!!

  21. lllllllllIIIIIIIIIIl says:

    Thank you so much.

  22. Viktor Onopko says:

    i would suggest to listen to the acapella and use a bpm tapper… and then
    when you come close to it do the changes…

  23. Jesse Gilsbach says:

    Sweet! Ellie is one of my favorites

  24. oopalonga says:

    THAVIUS! what up mayne!?! <3