Ableton Live Tutorial part 3/5 – The Dub Delay—ableton.php In this video Freddy Cuin (Frog Records) demonstrates how to set up a dub-style delay f…
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  1. Unshackled Spirit says:

    HA-HA !! Cool … Used to do that with a small mixing board {send /
    returns} & Teac 3440-A {reel tape} . Nicccccccce……!

  2. WC7495 says:

    Ya know, I never noticed that there was a send knob on the return channels.

  3. 0valentino0 says:


  4. sacredgeometry says:

    @pointblankonline Fair enough, titling it “the dub delay” is a little
    misleading when there is a very old and stereotypical dub delay which most
    people would probably associate with dub…that said a tutorial on that
    wouldn’t be very long.

  5. hatemusicandeveryone says:

    Awesome Thanks!!!!

  6. sacredgeometry says:

    doesnt sound like a dub delay, just sounds like a feedback loop with a
    highpass on it.

  7. TheJoeMiller88 says:

    He’s giving you free advice, so be nice.

  8. yesid Zapata says:

    Might explain very well explain bank in controlling mpd did very well thank
    you very much this tutorial.

  9. johncocktosensen says:

    The tip is appreciated, but I gotta admit, I could listen to your voice all
    day. sh*t is like buttah

  10. W4RW017 says:

    Ableton used to be able to make a very convincing dub delay using this
    method, but now it got this kind of whispering feel to it, like theres
    comb-filtering going on. :c

  11. yesid Zapata says:

    Excelente. 🙂

  12. Anja K says:

    Thanks! You opened a door for me. Best wishes A.

  13. Mujexxx says:

    How do you call that button device ?

  14. Triames . says:

    I love the way you say limitah.