Ableton Live Tutorial: Creating Transition Effects for Dance Tracks w/ Dubspot LA’s James Bernard

Ableton Live Tutorial: Creating Transition Effects for Dance Tracks w/ Dubspot LA's James Bernard

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this video, Goth-Trad builds a track using Ableton Live, Native Instruments Battery, Stylus RMX, and more. Head over to our blog for more info: http://bit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. mixman29 says:

    Can I download that instrument Rack Preset???? Please!!!

  2. AsylumShadow A.S. says:

    Having not known this, being that I listen to lots of dubstep has sucked.
    Now I understand more of the development towards dubstep! I’ll stay tuned
    to mores videos. I am so surprised that it is that complex, but I guess if
    I learned the steps first hand I would think differently. Around how much
    money does every good DJ pay to make dubstep, $30, 000, lol? Anyways, I am
    getting side tracked… Thanks for the video! 

  3. James Bermingham says:

    Quality video by James Bernard.
    Just what I was looking for.
    I’m also gonna give this a try in Reason 7 using a Combinator as the
    effects rack.

  4. Nathan Harding says:

    Great sample there Jame’s -> 5:56, “So when I turn my knob (pause) my wet
    dry happens and I get all of the effect happening as well.”

  5. Cassius Xavier says:

    THX !!!

  6. Tallal Moshrif says:

    Thank you very much see you soon

  7. precarious333 says:

    Hey, James Bernard, I really like your very direct and simple tutorial
    style. Really enjoyed this one. Hope to see more from you.

  8. triplewub says:

    I love free education. 

  9. RockstahRolln says:

    Im loving this track! Anyway a vid could be done on creating such? Thanks!

  10. Savage Terror says:


  11. Darren The Moose says:

    i usually just highpass everything but as everything highpasses i have some
    sort of of fill play some midrange freq then drop the bass [;

  12. BL4CKxBLACK says:

    Creepy voice

  13. VJbasti says:

    You call that full speed + energy?
    Try making a transition form a Dancefloor D&B track to a breakdown!

  14. Esmailin Corsino says:

    A simple tutorial but really useful!
    *Learn how to make your own transition effect on Ableton*

    Ableton Live Tutorial: Creating Transition Effects for Dance Tracks w/
    Dubspot LA’s James Bernard

  15. VTOLKits says:

    Very good video, thank you !

  16. Brent B says:

    Awesome tutorial! Thx!

  17. mad4reason4 . says:

    Nice James! Great stuff..just gave me some ideas! Thanks!

  18. FreshnessStudio1 says:

    lovely stuff James 

  19. Dominick Graf says:

    This showed me nothing at all

  20. gooneybird808 says:

    the music is good, the way he goes about making it is lame and uninspired.

  21. DrumInfected says:

    Kudos on the great video editing and design on the Goth-Trad segment video!
    I like how you guys added the video of what he was doing in ableton so we
    know what he’s doing. This could totally be a weekly thing dubspot could
    do every week entitled “building a track” and have other artist do this as

  22. HP Stacks says:

    One of the best artists! Friken madness!

  23. TheoMartel says:

    Nice ^_^

  24. Dub Tactics says:


  25. Django Flaherty says:

    What’s the name of that kick drum module he uses?

  26. KelleyBates says:

    confused about the ambient texture, but w/e

  27. JBarber3d says:

    the video effects in this are DOPE. The menus on the side of his head,

  28. Benoit Brunet says:

    genius at work

  29. litewurks says:

    Makes me wanna mess with Ableton tonight. Thanks for the motivation.

  30. Alex Real Castonguay says:

    Would love for you guys t get anyone from the chord marauders in to teach
    about minimal chords sound design or something.

  31. adrian james says:

    SNOOZE FEST!!!!!!!

  32. Amrish P S Singh says:


  33. SOAD861 says:

    this visual effects rule remind me of dead space

  34. JIDAYAH1981 says:

    Inspired, thanks Dubspot!

  35. Marc Laflamme says:

    Like what you did with the video Dubspot. Only displaying the relevant
    parts makes watching something stare at a screen and work more interesting.

  36. 4g0ny says:

    wow the menus overlay in 3d is fucking baller

  37. Mellow Dubz says:

    Damn, that sub bass 

  38. 03isub says:

    I do this type of mellow dark tracks randomly often and always end up not
    saving them and deleting them cuz I feel like nobody would listen to that
    type of music..dang now I feel like I deleted something that he might of
    had some potential I did not know there was an audience for this type of
    sound..thanks for the upload this was great!

  39. MrOmegaJohn says:

    he’s going to get back problems sitting like that

  40. Kai S. says:

    Ohh,..sooooo new, soooo hot! 

  41. fadedsmile says:

    omg this cat is genius 

  42. Sean Wallace says:

    Dope Concept!!! #Seanblaque