Ableton Live Techno Fundamentals w/ John Selway and Ulyss – Dubspot EDU Sessions NYC

In this workshop techno producers John Selway and Elliot Taub (Ulysses) will share their method for creating stripped down techno music using hardware synthe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dubspot's Music Foundations Sample Lesson / Dubspot Online Preview w/ Thavius Beck -- UnFiltered

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  1. Dylan Stephenson says:

    Taking the battery out of the 303, will it real

  2. Dylan Stephenson says:

    Really give you back random patterns?

  3. Etienne Vogel says:

    Can’t believe u guys have turned on both mics…. 

  4. Desert Trance says:

    Awesome video wish I could have been in the class!!

  5. 08ender80 says:

    This is the sort of stuff am dying to learn, good preview!

  6. Darren Maxwell McCann says: