Ableton Live Performance Masterclass with Alex Banks (Monkeytown Records) (FFL!)

We’re joined by Alex Banks (Monkeytown Records) as he breaks down his live show using Ableton Live 9, Ableton Push, Maschine Mikro, A&H K2s and DB4 mixer and…
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Ableton Live Tutorial: Vocal Processing Effects + Live Performance Tips

More info: Dubspot Instructor Dan Freeman explains and demonstrates tips and tricks for processing live vocals with Ableton Live. This v…
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  1. Point Blank Music School says:

    Watch Alex Banks destroy the +Mixmag Lab with this amazing DJ set! :: 

  2. EFFE says:

    Hey guys i just got a xone k2 and i’m doing a similar thing feeding audio
    into 4 main groups assigned to the 4 channels on the xone, but i’m having a
    bit of trouble with some advanced midi mapping on it. i’ve got basic volume
    control, filter on/off and cutoff assigned to some of the pots and buttons
    but i’m having trouble with the more advanced stuff, can anyone help?

  3. LuXxenatorX says:

    FINALLY some quality love. A real gem.

  4. MusiK Maschine says:

    Wow this is very awesome nice

  5. Chris Simpson says:

    Brilliant video. This is pretty much exactly the set up i’m working
    towards… it always confused me how to organize and set up multiple live
    sets while maintaining control. Thank you Alex and PB for taking the time
    to share quality information! 

  6. Vincent D'Amato says:

    Bought the album just from what he played for the demonstration…great FFL
    as well.

  7. Infotoxin says:

    Hey, +Point Blank Music School , could you direct me to the FFL video
    mentioned above that covers clip automation and sending presets (mentioned
    around 23:35)? I can’t seem to find it.

  8. BeyondCashed says:

    his performance at around 7mins in is sick!

  9. Kevin Murrell says:

    Cool Prince shirt! Where can I get one?

  10. EEZAL says:

    EFF ME …this guy says basically ALOT …

  11. Robert U. says:

    awesome !!! thank you alex !

  12. Francesco D'Isa says:

    okokok.. first track name?

  13. Sunday Sunderland says:

    Awesome vision Alex! You’ve got some amazing ideas

  14. Dany Burke says:

    Can anybody explain, how he configured the eight channels at 13:16? Thank

  15. Brad S says:

    is it me or does the audio cut out between 37:30 – 38:00

  16. Rio Prasetio says:

    wondering how to connect 5 midi controller into 1 Macbook (which only got
    two USB ports)…

  17. Brad S says:

    this guy is brilliant though… thanks!!!!

  18. TYLRbass says:

    The performance at 7 mins, epic.. That’s the beauty of a LIVE set, all that
    magic happening right there

  19. DeephouseM2 says:

    “Ableton Live Performance Masterclass with Alex Banks (Monkeytown
    Records…:” via @YouTube @Point_Blank #tutorial

  20. Oisin Clarke says:

    QUESTION ? how do you make audtomation clips with that information like
    he’s talking about at around 20:20 ? :)

  21. Hayden Juan-Thomas says:

    On Point +Point Blank Music School 

  22. nizz bizz says:

    Love it. Thank you for what you do. I keep telling my self one day I will
    have decent gear.

  23. George Tempest says:

    Seriously good tutorial – thanks very much :o)

  24. Halleyxxx says:

    Love u forever and ever. thxxx

  25. Bambino Tony Pronto says:

    This is very helpful but also extremely tedious.

  26. Joey Lim says:

    Hi, so I want to be able to control the pitch of the vocals as shown in the
    video, but I don’t want the robotic effects of the vocoder to come through
    (in other words, I’d like the snappy, glitchy sound of sliced up vocals,
    but I want to be able to perform this live). How do I do this? The external
    MIDI instrument/keyboard would change the pitch of the input vocals to
    whatever key I press, but I don’t know how to do this without the vocoder
    effect, and I don’t know how to do it without a vocoder. Can anyone help
    with this? Thanks.

  27. KingPizzarolls says:

    Is there a cheaper way?

  28. Brandon Armstrong says:

    I would really like to thank you guys for putting so much free content
    out!! It has really helped me progress in being able to express myself
    though my music! Thank you Again!
    Brandon Armstrong =D

  29. rediculum says:

    now I know how Daft Punk is doing :)

  30. Hjalmar Jonsson says:

    i dont even get my ableton to revord….. -.- it detects vocals and outputs
    them, but does not record… what am i doing wrong??

  31. Gary Morgan says:

    nice kraftwerk style vocoding dude

  32. NaSaKiD1000 says:

    awesome i love this tech shit

  33. cellolyptica says:

    awesome video! thats a really cool idea. love the premade chords clip!

  34. Omar Mireles says:

    yes there is a latency…

  35. Zegik Niet says:

    vocoders are so done