Ableton Live – Multiband Dynamics On A Techno Kick & Bass Group

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  1. Daniel Martinez says:

    Sadowick! I’ve been having trouble cleaning up my sub bass and kicks when i
    mix down. My buddy told me to look up gate tutorials to learn how to keep
    both kick and bass frequencies strong without clashing.

    If you could make a gate processing video that would be awesome!

    Thanks for the tutorials btw! You’re a huge part of what my sound is now,
    much love. :D

  2. subhanero92 says:

    I think what you do on the Highs is not “upward compression”, it’s upward

  3. Ryoker I says:

    I had this idea of taking the Multiband Dynamics to use it as a Sidechain
    Compressor (replacing the Live’s compressor itself, on the Bass/Kick) but
    letting the mids or the highs flat to make it a little classier. Am I
    missing something? Would it work for Electro? Thnx!

  4. Ruben Niet nodig says:

    Very helpful 🙂 And the samples are lovely <3

  5. Daniel Martinez says:

    Always helpful. Thanks man

  6. Evan McMorris says:

    I’ve seen some people take the multiband dynamics and throw it in an audio
    effect rack, duplicate it, and then solo each band. Are there any
    advantages of doing it that way vs how you do it with just one m dynamics?

  7. SadowickProduction says: