Ableton Live 9 – Making A Minimal Techno Track Start To Finish

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Making A Track Start To Finish - First Glitch Hop Attempt

Sample Packs, Banks, Project Files & Playlists here: Support the channel with a donation Paypal: Follo…
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  1. Jell Velentene says:

    10:25 i want a clap
    not the clap
    that wouldn’t be good

  2. Billy Barnes says:

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to teach. Your
    videos have helped me out in so many ways. 

  3. James N says:

    This guy is a friggin genius holy crap

  4. Joost Schols says:

    what sample pack is that your using for the kick samples? searching for
    that kind of stuff )

  5. brixri says:

    Thank’s a lot. You really helped with this video. 

  6. John Goldenarm says:

    thats such a famous track now released on armada :)) forgot to say not
    yours Sadowick, the vocal you choped up

  7. Patricio Astudillo says:

    1:20 “because yolo” 😀
    10:30 “a clap”

  8. James N says:

    Are all the sound packs you see to the right in this video on your website

  9. Evaristo Junior says:

    Thanks bro :)

  10. John Goldenarm says:

    do you sell your Machine ableton template? :D

  11. SuperMelman83 says:

    I think you should use that highlight option for the mouse cursor. I’m
    having a hard time following you sometimes. With that said: Thank you for
    the tut! It’s awesome!

  12. jack86E says:

    man you really need to explain more!! Every time I drink another beer I
    feel like it would be wise to watch from the start cause every so often
    you got off on one….
    but in faireness it’s more than likely the the beer cause you;re vids are
    top notch!! :)

  13. Emanuel Silva says:

    Hey I really like your videos bro. Could you help me quick? How do I get
    the sound effect for vocals like daft punk’s one more time? Please help :)

  14. Andy Deighton says:

    Really enjoying your vids. Top guy!

  15. Clem Bou says:

    really great dude, you made my day !

  16. Starcz5 says:

    Hey sadowick. The kick and snare sounds a bit muddy to me, maybe clashing
    with the bass in the 200-500hz area 🙂 But it’s pretty good.

  17. Slabeddi NoSurname says:

    Wow. This is like SeamlessR but for Ableton.

  18. JacobThe1080Pgamer says:

    How do i make my songs sound more professional sounding?

  19. Solar Heavy says:

    Nice, loving these streams :)

  20. Konstantin Zelenkov says:

    Somebody knows some good underground hip-hop creations and mixing tutorial

  21. Bloubul Johnson says:

    Respect Mr Sadowick. Tons and tons of talent. You should be out there with
    the likes of Armin, Calvin, Avicci etc. Incidently how about doing a quick
    one on what Calvin does to get that big sound when the main part of his
    song kicks in

  22. SadowickProduction says:
  23. Carla Dasilva says:

    Sadowick can you please explain why do you |drag & drop| drum samples
    instead of using your Maschine or Push midi drum controller on ableton’s
    Drum rack?

  24. Kyle Thompson says:

    where can we hear all the final products?

  25. VyperVenom says:

    Are you going to put the finished product on Soundcloud, or somewhere? I
    like it!

  26. tammyton says:

    Will you ever do some serum tutorials? :)

  27. Florian Lacroix says:

    Sidechain everything ahah

  28. Stephen dela Cruz says:

    Dubstep-ish kind of Glitch Hop!

    Sadowick bro! I think… you just have tapped your “Inner Skrillex!”
    Awesome! :D

  29. Alex Armor Produc says:

    Where to get these fills package ?

  30. SupraSwag10 says:

    It’s nice to see you do “bassier” genres

  31. Neo Partner says:

    Sounds great.