Ableton Live 9 – Making A Full Trance Track Start To Finish

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Full upload of the remix by SadowickProduction ( all props to him. With some minor tweaks and a replaced piano synth and notes because I…
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  1. Nam Nguyen says:

    C# is program language, are u fucking kidding me =))))))

  2. corsegerspwnd says:


  3. olga Stinson says:

    WOW you’re great… I wish I’ll be good user of it soon 

  4. JDxt says:

    How come you don’t use a drum rack instead of putting the kick in the
    actual sequence? 

  5. Mix Phong says:

    Very thanks for Tutorial…I Where is get link download Project ?

  6. Dick Dickers says:

    Give this track your cat`s name :)

  7. George Condit says:

    Dude this is killer! ONLY RECOMMENDATION: Get a pop filter for your mic,
    your breath sounds like thunder from Thor’s butt.

  8. SpeoMusic says:

    Impressive! Nice meeting your cat as well.

  9. Zdzichu Zdzisławiec says:

    If any1 wondered, things used in video:

    DAW: Ableton Live 9 (DAW)
    Plugins from Ableton (could be replaced with those from your DAW):
    – Glue compressor
    – Compressor
    – EQ Eight
    – Reverb
    – Ping Pong
    – Flanger

    – Virus (controller for Virus TI Snow Hardware synth)
    – Sylenth 1

    – DMS Trance Riffs
    – VEC4 and VEC3 Trance Drum packs
    – Activa Trance Essentials

    Non-ableton plugins:
    – Izotope Ozone 5
    – Waves pack (LinEQ Lowband + L2 Ultramaximizer)

    Can’t go for safebets on hardware though :D

  10. Spencer McDonald says:

    Thanks for the videos. I don’t completely understand everything you are
    doing quite yet, but I soon will. Best wishes on your career, and I will
    definitely be learning alot from you! Awaken

  11. V0RT3XSOUND says:

    Why use the glue on the master and then feed it into the dynamics section
    of Ozone?

  12. Max Burns says:

    “Command 4” allows you to place notes where ever you would like on the
    piano roll

  13. Samara silva says:

    Nice nice nice song It’s beautiful track this is a good sond, you are
    beast…..I want to download this song…..I’m from Brasil…. 

  14. Krewneck says:

    Would you say using ableton is easier than Fl Studio or harder?

  15. Raymond Marquardt says:

    Best remix of royals so far

  16. Allyournexus Rbelongtome says:

    Violent Cuntsly

  17. badwzrd says:

    Do you have a working link for the download?