Ableton Live 9: 30 Quick-Fire Tips

Our Ableton Live course tutor Freddy Frogs gives you 30 unmissable Live tips for beginners and advanced users. If you want to learn more about Ableton Live c…



  1. Rael39 says:

    This is great.

  2. O -Cell says:

    Great tips, many thanks.

  3. Jake Smith says:

    I’m lucky to say I’ve taken a course from this beast. Good stuff Freddy!

  4. Rafael Graterol says:

    this guy is by fat the best tutor I’ve seen on Youtube. 

  5. Christian Schweinzer says:

    I’ve seen this tutor now for the 2nd time and i think he is really great!
    One of the best one’s i’ve ever seen on such topics!!! Congrats

  6. JRR Tolkien says:

    Halfway through the video. Amazing tips, seriously. Thanks a ton, love the
    accent by the way.

  7. Matthew Carter says:

    Can you guys please do this for cubsse 7 ?


  8. AloneinFiction says:

    Wow!!! Loved this video!! Great stuff!!!

  9. Rene Alexis Penaloza Munoz says:

    You beautiful mad scientist! Thanks so much.

  10. Roman Ripper says:

    Thanks for your work. Great tips.
    I have to subscribe. :)

  11. A De Leo says:

    So. Much. Information.

  12. Nero Richarads says:

    No Nonsense, brilliant video just watch over and over if your not quite
    sure what’s going on. Super efficient, thank you. 

  13. David Boura says:

    What the desktop icons have to do with Live performances?!
    We need free space, but don’t forget to defragment the hard disk too.

  14. Lee Davies says:

    Great tutorial. Great accent!

  15. YoYo .Kidz says:

    Don’t run 24 bit or over if your samples are 16 bit. That makes no sense.
    Only use 24 bit or over if you are recording the majority of your sounds
    yourself, and doing it in 24 bit. Otherwise your 16 bit samples would need
    to be upscaled to 24 bit or higher, and that makes them even less quality.

  16. Eqube says:

    One more time!
    Freddy Frogs is Boss!!!!

  17. ofisboy says:

    I wish Freddy is my brother. Serious

  18. Epika Studio says:

    amazing work there. Love how you managed to keep me watching the whole
    video all throughout the full 50 Odd Minutes ! Not at easy thing to achieve.

    Love your comments, neat and tidy studio, video production – from the well
    lit room, the audio pickup, different cams, slider movement – you’ve gone
    through great lengths to produce something nice.

    Rarely do we see highly good audio video docs well produced as this !

    Hats Off !


  19. Arkwonn says:

    Did you forget to change the panning of the two chains of your Haas-Effect
    rack ?

  20. Glen Hendriks says:

    Freddy, for the people who have Max for Live, there is a quicker way to
    determine the delay time based on your project tempo. It’s a Max for Live
    delay time calculator:

    Very quick and handy for delay times and pre-delay times!

  21. Troltwentythree says:

    The best online Ableton lesson I’ve ever had, genuinely useful stuff for
    beginners and advanced users and great presentation.