5 Live WWE TV Fails – 5 Things

Live TV isn’t always perfect. Check out five of the most hilarious bloopers and blunders in WWE history. More THRILLING Classic content on WWE NETWORK : http://bit.ly/wwevault Don’t forget…

Hillsong UNITED performs “Touch The Sky” live on the Today Show. 4/2/2015.
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  1. Tom Williams Productions says:

    Owen Hart “and that why I kicked the leg out of your leg”

  2. RG408 says:

    What about drunk jake the snake. Wanna play 21….
    Kevin Nash: listen to the adjective.

  3. jigsawkid95 says:

    How about the last few Rumbles?

  4. Harrison Payne says:

    *Roman Reigns joke*

  5. Alexis489 says:

    Let’s not forget when The Rock had his lines written in Sharpie on his arm
    a few years ago and the cameras picked up on it! LMFAO

  6. hussain17dec says:

    That Miz clip shows how even one of the best mic workers can start as being
    awful. He has improved so much. :D

  7. TheGamingGengar says:

    John Cena is a WWE life TV fail

  8. sandra dee says:

    standing at 4 ft tall he is the worlds largest athlete lol

  9. HanzoHasashi says:

    “Standing at 4 feet tall, he is the world’s largest sapling…” XD

  10. Vollypink says:

    4 feet tall lol


    the JBL show? sorry I thought we were watching 5 things

  12. Inigo Gonzales says:

    How about the time at Wrestlemania 31 when some worker accidentally walked
    into the camera.

  13. Cortland Garner says:

    John Cena should have been all five live TV fails 

  14. glamazonhomeyg says:

    301 views, but 3k likes??????

  15. Kelvin Quah says:

    Cm punk

  16. A.A.A. says:


  17. JohnStripedfur says:

    Why can’t we see the whole video of The Rock loosing his voice?

  18. RanuyashaSaotome says:

    I don’t mean to disrespect Reigns but he should be there as an honorable
    mention for his first few promos xD 

  19. Carlos Zuñiga says:

    4:37 Taya, Taya, Taya

  20. tawanda Jerry says:

    TURN UP!!!!

  21. seling97 says:

    Those ladies are so annoying but I loved taya at the end – she was so
    humble. She didn’t try to promote her name or make herself known but saying
    her full name but just quietly said her first name. Such a powerful voice
    exclaiming a powerful name.

  22. Jermaine Luke says:

    Jesus on our radios, on our TVs, in our streets. JESUS ALL THE WAY

  23. DiscipleOfGod says:

    Thanks for uploading this! i was at school all day searching frantically
    for when they would be preforming only to find that I missed it 🙁 so again
    thanks for uploading it for people like me!

  24. tommy2chips says:

    Good song. I have been to hillsongNYC on two occasions. Every Time when I
    go to visit NYC I will make an attempt to visit the church 

  25. Fernando Cousin says:

    i was waiting since last night to see it and I fell asleep , so thanks for
    uploading this video . I’m so proud of Hillsong united it feels so cool to
    see my favorite band on tv !!!

  26. saladextraveganza dude says:

    Amazing as ALWAYS! Can’t wait for the movie!

  27. dboytesoro says:

    Just in time for Good Friday n Easter :P

  28. Isaac Zeca IsaHillSmith Gotze Reus Bale Jr says:

    Hillsong United Is Such An Amazing Band… God Bless Joel Houston, JD, Jad
    Gillies, Matt Crocker, Michael Guy, Dylan Thomas, Taya Smith And Others
    From Hillsong Team… Take Care… 

  29. Jaclyn French says:

    Love it!

  30. Ajirioghene Cedric-Trevor Anthony says:

    I touched the sky as I listened to these great guys with a great heart
    worshipping our Great God. Thank you Hillsong United!

  31. alexcbumorales says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  32. Sunshine Her says:

    Taya killed it! That was so beautiful. Praise God!! So amazing to see them
    on the Today Show performing a song about surrendering to the Lord. Such an
    encouragement! :)